Dear users,
At 11:00 on April 7, 2020, DKKT Day Day Up will officially launch. All users who hold DKKT can participate, and hold as earning.
Chock-in every day and get earning the next day.

How to participate?
Users can clock-in to participate in DKKT Day Day Up event without threshold. Afer successful clock-in, the platform will take a random snapshot of DKKT amount of each account as the DKKT amount of that day. Daily earnig will be settled at 24:00 according to annual yield on that day. The calculation formula is: Today's Earning = Average Amount of the same day's DKKT holdings  * The same day's Annual Yield / 365
Accounts that are counted into DKKT holdings include: Available and Frozen DKKT assets in the exchange account; Available and Frozen DKKT assets DKKT in the fiat account; Available DKKT in the coin pocket account.
Day Day Up event temporarily only supports APP users to participate.

Rewards Explanation
With only keeping the DKKT holdings and participating in the daily clock-in, users will get earning (T+1 Issue) every day. The same day's earning will be issued to the exchange account the next day at 12:00.
Daily earning is based on the same day's Annual Yield, which is 4%-8%.
Day Day Up event uses compound interest, and the interest received is included in the amount of holdings on that day.
The single user limit of daily DKKT holdings counted as settlement is 20000 DKKT, and the excess is not involved in the calculation of earnings.
User participation is deemed to understand and agree to the details of the event; The final interpretation of this event is owned by BitZ, BitZ has the right to modify the event rules or end the event.
All time points in the above content are UTC + 8 time.

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